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Tuckpointing is a repair process adopted by homeowners to stop decay or destruction of bricks in their homes. It has decorative properties that make a house look new. Contrasting colours are used in the mortar joints to give the bricks a new look.

Historically, tuckpointing was first done in England. This was during the late years of the eighteenth century. At this time, the aim of using contrasting mortar colours was to replicate brickwork. Brickwork at this time involved changing oversize rubbed bricks to an appropriate size. To succeed in tuckpointing, dedication is needed since it requires skill and patience. Most commonly used tools include pencil thin mortar joints that are pointed to give the best impression. They are usually black or white in colour.

The tuckpointing process is based on redesigning the bricks, hence the name “repointing” or brick pointing. The results of repointing are attributed to an increase in the value of a home. In the end, the process gives an impression of fine joints on the house walls.

There are two main areas that are enhanced by masonry restoration by tuckpointing: the chimney and the exterior bricks. If you have an exposed brick or wish to do an upgrade on the chimney, tuckpointing is the ultimate solution. The major benefit of this process is the aesthetic improvement of the house environment. It also prevents the wall from attracting moisture that could damage the house wall.

For the chimney, numerous benefits accrue from the tuckpointing process. They include preventing water from seeping into the chimney and checking on corrosion of the mortar joints. If you had to do a complete rebuild of the chimney, the masonry restoration becomes a cheap and efficient option in its totality. Rebuilding a collapsed chimney is more expensive than tuckpointing.

When tuckpointing in Sydney, the process in masonry restoration is easy. The first step is to clean the bricks to acquire a new look. There are two contrasting mortars to be laid to improve the aesthetic value of the improved building. Once the bricks are cleaned, the first mortar is made to match the brick colour. It is useful in concealing any visible abnormality on the bricks. Tuckpointing is quite easy and inexpensive. Therefore, you need to get a quote from us or call to get a suitable service.

The second layer is all about beauty. You may want to have a beautiful white or black line on your wall surface. The line is drawn between the bricks and serves to give an aesthetic enhancement to the house. In most cases, a thin white line is what is added to the brick contours. This process is highly effective in replacing a crumbling or missing mortar in between your house’s bricks.

With repointing as an alternative, we deliver a 90 percent dust free process while restoring your premises from crumbled bricks and mortar. The process has a tested instant success and gives numerous benefits.

Both processes have an undisputed success in restoring your brickwork to its previous condition. You will enjoy several benefits with increased home value being the major milestone. If you plan on selling or renting out a home, this process gives you the most appropriate option of a home upgrade.

The tuckpoint process offered by Point Brik is geared towards giving you a perfect match for brickwork services. Long brick life and improved house value are by far the most lucrative benefits you can get from the procedure. At the same time, it is less costly as compared to a complete rebuild of a wall or chimney. If you are in Sydney, give us a call today and change your house outlook for the better. For tuckpointing Sydney, look no further!

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