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Whether you have been living and working in Sydney for a number of years or have recently moved to the city you will often find yourself living in a historic home which may be in need of some maintenance and repair. The exterior of any property can often be an area of maintenance and repair best left to the professionals at Point Brik, a company specialising in stone pointing Sydney homes to keep them looking their best at all times. Making the call to these stone specialists is the first step in securing your home from the damage time and extremes of weather can cause.

The majority of homeowners who are looking to maintain their home to the highest level ask the question, what is stone pointing and why do I need it? Stone pointing is a time consuming and expert area of historic home repair the professionals at Point Brik have spent many years perfecting with their own techniques and materials designed to restore the exterior of your home to its former glory. Think of it as tuckpointing, but for stone-work.

The process of stone pointing Sydney homes begins with the experts from Point Brik complete a thorough analysis of the building exterior and make sure the choices made in conjunction with the homeowner are completed to preserve the historic look and feel of the building. Pointing then consists of the mortar positioned between bricks and masonry being replaced with a new option created specifically to the specifications developed by Point Brik; the company believes the best possible option for restoring any property to its highest level of integrity is to use a formula as close to the original mortar as possible to maintain the integrity of the property.

Making the call to Point Brik will make sure stone pointing is completed in a way securing the strength and structure of the building as the company believes completing a complete evaluation of the property is the best possible option for securing a property in the correct way for the future. Once you have made an appointment with Point Brik you will be amazed at the difference that can be seen in discoloured stone on the exterior of your property. Sydney is a city where various forms of fungi can be a problem when it comes to discoloured stone and damaged mortar needing replacement and care from Point Brik.

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