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Brick homes and commercial buildings are beautiful, warm and welcoming. Unfortunately, over time the mortar that holds the bricks together and keeps the buildings standing can deteriorate. Fortunately, this problem can be fixed by a popular and relatively simple solution commonly referred to as repointing the bricks and mortar.

One reason mortar in brick walls can deteriorate is simple erosion from weather. Sun, rain and even wind can take their toll on mortar, causing it to decay into mere dust. Such decay can also cause a loss of the building’s structural strength.

Salt from sea air and proximity to the coast are two other huge factors in the decay of mortar in brick buildings. The salt in the air sticks to the surface of the bricks and mortar, slowly eroding them. This airborne salt can eventually completely erode the brick and mortar, turning them into dust and rendering the buildings unsafe.

Once cracks appear on the surface of the bricks and mortar they are no longer water tight and water begins to seep into the joints. Over time, the water will also cause the mortar joints to erode and crumble, sometimes even causing a building to collapse.

The simple act of a building settling on its foundation can also cause brickwork to fret, bow or come lose. These problems will also eventually lead to cracks in the mortar, which let water in, which further deteriorates the building’s structural integrity.

The skilled craft of brick pointing is a detailed process, designed to address both the safety and aesthetic needs of a building that requires brick restoration.

Our skilled repointing craftsmen will remove the old, deteriorated mortar and replace it with new mortar. The new mortar is a specially formulated mixture from Point Brik, designed to match the new mortar to the existing mortar. The result is a fresh and elegant finish that looks as if the bricks and mortar were recently installed.

If the bricks themselves need to be replaced, Point Brik will look far and wide to source and replace them, doing our best to match the new bricks to the existing ones. We will also replace any brick vents in much the same manner.

At Point Brik we specialize in brick restoration and stone restoration. Although we also offer other types of repairs to brick and stone, brick pointing comprises a large part of our business.

Contact us by phone or email to discuss restoring the brick and mortar of your residential or commercial brick building. We also do tuck pointing and stone pointing along with brick mortar pointing. At Point Brik we can also install or repair a brick fence. Need an archbar installed above a door or window? How about a brick fence or a fireplace? We can fix or install these too.

Give us a call today and we will work hard to make your brick home or business soon look brand new again.

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