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Brick Fencing

Brick Fences are a fantastic way to add a stately look and feel to your abode or to create a tasteful barrier. Point Brik are available for advice and repairs on any style of brick fences and are also able to build in a variety of styles from the simple to the elaborately crafted. Brick fences are available in a wide array of styles to enhance the architectural details of your home.

Brickwork fencing styles include low border walls, brick with wrought iron, brick with wood inserts, and latticework styles. If you notice any cracks in the fence, brick fence repair Sydney can handle the problem before it deteriorates further. The fencing is one of the things people notice first when they see your home. We can offer suggestions on brick fence repair Sydney to keep your fencing sound and looking beautiful.


After years of use, your fireplace may be in need of restoration. The bricks and mortar wear over time and fireplaces Sydney can make the necessary repairs or restore your fireplace, so it looks like new. We can clean and restore your fireplace, or update it to give it a completely different appearance.

Updating Your Fireplace

You may want to make changes like a new surround or mantel to enhance the décor of the room. A raised hearth is another way to add aesthetic appeal to an old fireplace. Our experts can restore or replace fireplaces Sydney to suit your taste.

A beautiful focal point to any room, fireplaces add character and a point of difference in many abodes. Point Brik are also able to build fireplaces in a selection of styles, from the more basic to artistically inclined, and are available for advice and quoting in this area.

Fireplace Styles

Make the brick fireplace between two windows in a neutral colored room the focus of your room by adding a gleaming, white mantel. A floor to ceiling fireplace in a room with high ceilings and exposed beams draws attention to the room’s fine details.

Framing a stone fireplace in red bricks and adding a coordinating hearth adds emphasis to a room with wood flooring and gives it a rustic appearance.

Our masonry experts use established methods and new technology to protect the building and enhance its appearance. Brik Point guarantees the satisfaction of our customers. We’re committed to providing our customers with professional service and quality masonry restoration.

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