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Arch bars and lintels support the brickwork above and around openings in a structure such as doors, windows, portals, etc… They support both the interior and exterior of a structure. Being one of the most important elements in construction, arch bar replacement and repair is crucial in preventing unsafe hazards in these heavy load-bearing areas as lintels are the beams that support the weight of the structure above the opening. Point Brik offers top-notch service in arch bar replacement and maintenance.

Oftentimes, the brickwork in arch bars becomes rusted, which causes holes and cracks to appear. This allows water to creep into the aforementioned cracks, creating even further damage to the area around the structure’s openings. When the lintels around the structure’s opening began to expand due to corrosion, it creates an unattractive bulge along with a winch-like movement on the structure to which repairs then become absolutely necessary.

Point Brik acknowledges that damage like this can easily spread to other areas of the structure and advises that even at the smallest signs of a crack above a lintel, that an urgent replacement become the utmost priority as lintel bar repair is a critical service that we offer and requires immediate attention.

At Point Brik, our services in lintel bar replacement and arch bar repair are thorough, professional, and efficient whether your structure has arches or steel bars and angles. We can work to both repair and reinforce lintels, which ultimately prevents any further damage occurring above your windows, fireplace, or doors.

Point Brik prides itself on completing jobs in a highly professional and stylish manner, making sure to remove any old mortar for a more clean and complete look. Brick fitting allows for perfect placement and reinforcing of the structure’s weight as well. Along with assessing damage around the arch bar or lintel, we can also install cavity flashings. This reduces future wet weather damage and assures that all water is flushed out from the cavity and out of the structure. This provides more safety and longevity for your structure. We work to both repair and reinforce lintels, which ultimately

Our arch bar repair and lintel bar replacement services are to ensure that the structure’s surrounding brickwork is both preserved and enhanced. Point Brik is able to replace any corroded or damaged arch bar and lintels to the highest of quality and to minimise any future corrosion. Get in touch with us and get a free quote on the arch bar or lintels on your structure today. Point Brik is a highly professional company that caters to your structural needs with care, tact, and effectiveness.

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