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All Brick and Stone Mortar Repair

From crumbling facades to complex conservation treatments, Point Brik’s brick pointing services deliver expert craftsmanship and secure results.

Some of the most important features of any home, bricks and brickwork support a building’s foundations and the priceless possessions within them. Weathering the brute force of the elements for decades, the exposed mortar joints between bricks will decay over time, creating unattractive exteriors, deteriorating brick quality, and unsafe structures.

Point Brik specialise in extending and rejuvenating the life in decaying bricks through brick pointing, creating structurally safe and attractive finishes in a variety of domestics and commercial complexes. With over thirty years experience, Point Brik are Sydney’s leading experts in brick pointing, as well as restoring any brick and mortar damage, and most importantly preserving a home’s integrity and beauty.

With a large range of masonry restoration services using the latest techniques and technologies, Point Brik can confidently address a wide array of problems including brick pointing, stone pointing, tuckpointing, brick repairs, and brick cleaning.

PointBrik Pty. Ltd. is a certified Home Owners Warranty Insurance builder. This means that we have insurance to cover any work carried out over $20,000.00.

Each finished product is guaranteed to:

  • Increase an asset’s structural integrity
  • Increase an asset’s refinement
  • Increase an asset’s financial value
  • Help prevent future repairs and costs

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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